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The following "hook" was preserved from the website "Science Media and Engagement Strategies" which is no longer available. Steve developed this site to explore the relationship between media and continuing science education and science engagement in 2006-7.

Are you concerned with the tone and quality of the public dialogue on climate change, public health or resource management for example?

Are you a scientist who wonders why so much scientific evidence is either ignored or distorted in our public conversations about science?

Perhaps you are a science writier, teacher or film-maker, frustrated with editors and producers and the challenges of reaching your readers, viewers and listeners with all that's good (and not so good) about science?

Are you a civic leader interested in exploring the connection between civic engagement and science engagement? What do citizens understand about science? What should they know?

Or are you "just" a citizen who wonders what we really know about global warming or infectious disease, for example? Are you tired of the science wars? Tired of talking heads, and political commentators who spin science but don't seem to understand it themselves? Are you looking for the authentic voice of science which can comunicate what we know and how we know it in the face of uncertainty, scientific controversy but pressing social and environmental problems?

If you see yourself in any of these communities, these sites may be interesting to you....

Steve Quatrano has been learning about science and society from scientists, educators, writers and filmmakers, curriculum developers, community leaders and funders sponsoring science media, education and outreach. Although he has a day job now, he's always networking and looking for partners who want to use technology, social networks and innovative entrepreneurial approaches to reinvent science engagement on a more scalable foundation. We need to stimulate and inform public dialogue on science NOW in the context of pressing social issues of our time.

Here is his bio.
In 2007, Stephen Quatrano founded Science Media and Engagement Strategies to facilitate and inform the public conversation on issues concerning science and technology such as managing climate change, public health, loss of biodiversity and diminished natural resources, to name a few.

He's not actively working on this at the moment but is always interested in meeting people who care about science engagement methods that work and scale.
SME Strategies
Stephen Quatrano originally created the website How Do We Know? in 2006 as place to explore science writing and develop some of his ideas on science communication. Now he is in the process of rehosting the content from a customized Drupal CMS to Google's Blogspot service.

It still works to think of it as his personal "Reflections on Scientific Thinking with Stories, History and Philosophy."
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The Quatrano family website has moved. If you are a friend of the family and are looking for the old website, you can obtain the new address by emailing Steve or contacting him through one of the above sites.